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Why i want Blackberry Storm 9250 so bad..and why Celcom is the Storm-tastic for blackberry

Blackberry…is my dream phone..i have always wanted to have a blackberry of my own one day…since the first time I knew blackberry…well,blackberry is known as a corporate useful and powerful handphone,cos its not just about handphone..when one using blackberry,he or she will look stunning,stylish,successful and corporate type ….to be more specific--->it is the image of luxury and well,bak kata bahasa melayu bukan calang2 org…hehehe.. im a hardworking person,could say successful too..and I know..i always know that I deserve to have a blackberry of my own…

Take a peek of people who are blackberry users and lover..

Why blackberry is my dreamphone?

Im a working young lady..besides working as a costing exec at my company,I am also a blogger,active a nuffnanger..and I always wait for email from nuffnang :P..i have many blogs ,beside that I also have side business with my has been a very important part of my life…sometimes,I could not sleep at night cos waiting for overseas email which you know,our time and their time is different my sleeping time could be their working hour..i always have to check my email every now and then… Blackberry will definitely help me with it push email…GOD this creation really is cooolll and exactly what I need…not only that ,blackberry allow us to hv up to 9 push email..yup I hv like 5 emails..which I hv to check one by one every single day…and im very addicted to check my email every now and then to see whats my next project..and blackberry push email works very well..the BB will alert us like an sms and show us which email address have new email..even when you’re sleeping at night,you don’t need to worry to miss out any urgent email..cos you’ll be alert with push email..yeayyyy..

Eventhough I could say im kinda workaholic,but I hv great social life…I always get my self connected with my friend thru facebook and ym..yes…I have a sweetheart who is living miles away from me..while im staying in penang..he is studying in KL,aircraft engineering ..we always pour our love and sweetness thru facebook..i also always gossiping and get update with my friends thru facebook..yes,I admit,I am a facebook addict..and blackberry,is so wonderful…

now blackberry is not only is useful for business,it is also a major social networking connector..BB will get me connected and update myself with latest news with friend on the go..anywhere ,anytime..

I lurve entertainment.l.i luv internet I lurve games…I lurve songs and I love movies!!guess what…Blackberry is soo cool..i could surf youtube and watch funny video,songs,and lots of fun stuff,I could surf my own blog thru blackberry and find interesting topic and on the move issue to update in my blogs…im a gamer…and Blackberry has javascript enable,which means cool game like the sims 3 could be play on BB…song and movies could be store in BB memory…when im bored,no..i couldn’t be bored anymore with BB in my hand.. even if im stuck in atraffic jam..i know ni have the cool sthings to d

Im also a traveler..but I sumtimes got lost when looking for places…Im always thinking of getting a gps for my car..but since BB has build in GPS itself…no I dun need to buy any GPS anymore..all I need is a blackberry…

Blackberry is soooo cool there long list of useful tools in blackberry,it also has wi-fi built in,bluetooth,SMS,MMS,YM,MSN,facebook.twitter,Blackberry Messenger (which connect between blackberry user for free) ,camera,organizer,stopwatch(for exercise time)and many2 moreeee~

Why I want Blackberry Storm 9250??

Of all type of blackberry,we have curve and bold..i always wanted storm..because storm has touchscreen..its so in nowdays to use a touchscreen phone?why because its an advantage to have a large screen which could be view horizontly or vertically..i could watch youtube,videos,and movies with wide screen,better view,,,GPS would look much clearer and larger with the big screen like storm has..
I don’t have to worry about key pad colour fading.,cost there no keypad at all…its all on the screen…so nice isn’t it..

Besides,for a person who love taking pictures,having storm is heavenly,I could take on portrait or landscape way…Storm 9250 has 3.2MP,Auto focus,with LED flash..its superb..the picture look soo nice..i could also take video problem!
Blackberry Storm 9520 is soooo cool,the screen is large..the design looks so professional…so luxury..its such a temptation for just looking at it..

this picture was taken using BB strom isnt it
Blackberry 9250 is an upgrade storm model,which now has Wi-fi built in,faster browsing experience,able to be up to 32GB memory has media card(external memory),battery which last much longer than iphone…and able to take to iphone which has built in battery so you cant change battery,if yo0u wanna take it out you have to go to the service centre whatsoever..which is a turn off for me..besides,Blackerry Storm 9250 could also be charge using USB cable by connecting it to PC…when im in my office I could just charge my BB by just connecting it to my PC…

Before forgetting,Most people would compare Blackberry Storm 9250 and Iphone …well previous Iphone has no push email,no MMS,but the new iphone has been upgraded,but hey,most of my fren says that iphone push not as good as BB,and it always has problem..and not as alertness as blackberry,The camera has no flash,The battery dries up sooo quickly ,some people says could only bertahan for 3 hours..iphone is mostly made for entertainment..not much help for business.and the phone itself look like a toy,instead of BB which look more sophisticated… at least that is what I think and know and which makes me crave for blackberry storm 9250 like kereyyzii..
Now you know why I love blackberry storm 9250m sooo much!!

compare the look..BB look more sophisticated and profesional...while for me Iphone look much like a toy..
u haven’t heard my story yet about my craving and mengidam blackberry storm 9250 yet…hold on guys…let me tell you first why Celcom is The best !!!and why Celcom and blackberry is a heavenly couple…yet to discover ….

Celcom Is the BEST!!
Since earlier,Celcom is the major apparentice as the Blackberry service provider in malaysia..till now Celcom is still the biggest of All,with a low cost Plan rate which is affordable by Malaysian majority..even a student could afford it..
With Celcom plan,You could have(I mean buy la!!) a blackberry with a superb price..murahh beb..

Celcom provides prepaid and postpaid plan for blackberry with a very2 damn cheap I tell you!!..
Most student would prefer having BB for their entertainment,and social networking,student usually luv prepaid cost they could berjimat cermat la low as RM1 per day for social such as Facebook ,ym,msn,twitter…and As low as RM2.50 per day for unlimited per day internet usage…murahhhh giler….duduk lepak cyber café pun mahal..sejam RM2.50..ceh..nie kan 24 jam..

As for post paid..nie lagi la superb beb! As low as RM128 monthly,utk plan exec RM50..iaitu RM50 utk panggilan and RM68 utk Unlimited broadband..hah surf la engkau puas2..unlimited wokeyyyy..xperlu risau kene extra charge sbb broadband dah unlimited..

Nak lagi extravaganza…hah!! Dengan menggunakan kuasa bulan,akan menghukummu …eh sorri(itu sailormoon punyer tagline) using BB USB cable,connect to your Laptop or PC ,you can use your BB as internet broadbandperghhh/…cool babeng..

Where got other service provider provide with such low rates and cool unlimited broadband which is so cheap like Celcom..and Celcom coverage is sooo good..and the 3g connection really fast…two thums up!!
Personally,when I compare to maxis..let say the most terdekat rate with celcom as comparison, it has plan for RM155 monthly which is RM155 for talking and free 1g data transfer…if you use terlebih,u have to bayar lebih..which I assure you will be soo expensive..why I said like dis..becos I oredi pakai maxis dolu2…tetiba bill sampai mak haih..RM400 padahal internet slow gaban..tue pun nak check emel nyer pasal…so you wont dare use as ur broadband for laptop cos you will be botak paying the bills..
Celcom is the Master for Blackberry…bow upon ur master….! ;) woohoo..

Let me tell you the story behind all this…the truth is I am now a proud owner of Blackberry Storm 9250..

Thanks to nuffnang and Celcom!!!

this picture blurr sikit becos of the mirror @ my opis & my Blackberry storm 9250

Once upon a time,on 5th February 2010 ,I was in my office..i have been thinking of buying myself my dreamphone..and I really2 want storm …but im still thinking…whether to take storm or Bold..

As usual I would check my nuffnang account .;.and eyes wide open when the subject about blackberry is shown in nuffnang blog…WHAT?? Celcom is giving away The latest Blackberry storm 9250 for 150 customer for RM888?????am I dreaming…could I be the lucky one?sighhh’’ unfortunately im staying in penang..and yes stuck in my office doing my costing…

Suddenly my sweetheart face appear in my eyes

…he’s staying in Nilai,could it be possible if I ask him to get it for me?i called him….sigh again…my sweetheart got class @ 3 o’clock..that time is already 12.30 when I call him…
With sumkind of heartbroken,I keep in my heart,I will still get my BB storm 2,eventhough the price is 2k…but God is great,he knows what I want…suddenly,my phone rang..sweetheart calls me and said ,his class was cancelled,he could go for me…yeay,…I was soooo happy..i tot,he could make it as the event start at 4.30pm…
I took halfday off,I went to the bank and bank in him money to buy me that he went there with his bestfren…

“OMG” he says when he called me…the line is soooo damn long and even berpusing2 line cos too many people and crowded…I started to feel like,ok,maybe not my rezeki..

But my sweetheart is really2 sweet..he didn’t putus asa..he line up since 4.30 until 8pm…can u imagine…3 and half hour standing in line to get it for me…Finally at 8.30pm,he called and say,congrats syg,u oredi have ur BB…I was soo happy and jumping2.. :D
So we decided to meet during CNY,for him to pass me the he will explore and use it first before we met…We are a lil bit special case,im 24 while he is 20 years he’s 4 years my junior..but people say age doesn’t matter as long as we have feelings for each other… :P

its me

its him

While he explore and experience having BB,he fall in love with it,he even call it as “baby”…and so he said,he wish he could afford to have one…

I know the chances to win the BB from celcom and nuffnang might be very low for me..but I do my best,becos I want him to have we would be the blackberry storm 9250 couple…stylo and couple made in heaven…people say,we both look good together…it would be even better for us to have our dreamphone together gether.. I hope if I win,he will know how much I love him and I write this post with all my heart and love..cos I really2 love my BB…and also love him…

Last but not least..thanks to nuffnang for a great support and info about Blackberry Storm 9250 and Celcom…Thanks to Celcom if you give me the chance to win The precious Blackberry..and’re the best!im so proud of this collaboration and team!! You guys rawks…

more picture during the Event @ Chinoz KLCC

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